• Accelerating Time to Value for Digital Technology

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Accelerating Time to Value for Digital Technology.

The market for digital technology in the Enterprise is booming. Demand for new digitally-enabled products and services continues to grow as companies search for new ways of interacting with customers, as well as faster, better ways of managing their internal processes.

The supply side of digital technology is also booming. The number of well-funded enterprise tech startups and scale-ups has never been higher and the ideas for new technologies and their applications for the Enterprise show no sign of abating.

Despite plenty of both demand and supply, why is it so difficult for scaleups to get in the door of large organizations?

And for large organizations to find the new technology they need?

The process of buying and adopting technology in large complex organizations is better suited to the well-established incumbent technology companies who have decades of institutional knowledge, a bankroll that supports the long game, and who are organized to support drawn out buying cycles.

This creates a disadvantage for startups and scaleups who typically are not familiar with the people, the processes, and the buying strategies of the enterprise. They find it difficult to access the enterprise and even once they’ve engaged they need more speed and faster buying cycles.

This is where
Mumford Sole Advisors
come into play.

Our mission is to help startups, and scaleups to successfully access, connect and deliver value into large scale enterprises.

How do we do this?

A key advantage of the large incumbent technology companies is that they have decades of experience and insights into how the enterprise thinks and acts. They have observed large companies for years and know how to tie their selling approaches and processes into the strategies, priorities and operations of their customers.

Mumford Sole Advisors has a cadre of seasoned C-suite executives who are all former Global CIOs of major companies. Between them they have unlimited experience of what it’s like to acquire and manage technology solutions at major corporations. They know what’s important to the Enterprise, they know what sales approaches work and which don’t. They know about the pitfalls and potential stumbling blocks, they know what makes processes work faster and more smoothly. In other words, they have unrivaled insight into the behaviors of the Enterprise.

They also share the Mumford Sole Advisors mission of helping startups, and scaleups to successfully access, connect and deliver value into large scale enterprises.

Our clients have access to all this experience and insight.

The Enterprise Advisory Board

The first step is for us to create an Enterprise Advisory Board designed to help and advise on your biggest market access questions of the day.

We draw from our cadre of advisors and handpick those who have most insight to your marketplace, industry, technology or issues and present you with a long list of around 10 potential Advisory Board members and agree with you and the individual candidate that there is a good alignment with your needs.

We then manage all aspects of the Enterprise Advisory Board to you get everything that you need.

Amongst other things, our Advisory boards help with

  • Go to market strategy
  • Messaging
  • Sales and Marketing collateral
  • Individual case studies to uncover insight
  • Sales execution, methodology, account plans, strategic target accounts
  • And more

Peter Sole

Peter Sole

Peter Sole has had a distinguished career as a C-suite executive in public companies and as an entrepreneur, advisor and coach.

For 17 years he was CEO of Gartner subsidiary The Research Board Inc., the world’s premier Global CIO think tank. There he orchestrated a global eco-system of Fortune 500 company CIOs, major tech company CEOs, leading academics, VC firms and entrepreneurs. The collective goal was value creation through research insight, facilitated conversation and innovative deployment of technology.

He was also an entrepreneur as founder and CEO of Wentworth Research, a VC backed start-up that was acquired by Gartner, the world’s leading Technology research and advisory firm.

For 20 years prior to that, Peter was a CIO with international experience, working in a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Food, Brewing, Retail, and Financial Services.

Helen Mumford Sole

Helen Mumford Sole

Helen Mumford Sole has had a successful career as a senior executive of both large and startup companies. She was the CEO of LexisNexis UK, and prior to that she was SVP of Gartner where she led Gartner’s Executive Programs Worldwide and then became General Manager of EMEA. She was co-founder and COO of Wentworth Research – a VC-backed startup that was acquired by Gartner and she was also CEO of 2 other startups. She was CIO of GE Capital company, and held various roles in Financial Services companies and consultancies including Ernst & Young and Andersen Consulting. Helen started her career as a software engineer and her degrees are from the University of Oxford.

Helen is the CEO of the Mumford Sole companies, including
• Mumford Sole LLC, a successful consulting and executive coaching organization, operating in the US and Europe,
• Mumford Sole Partners Inc, a content and consulting company, delivering knowledge, insights, best practice and events about the digital innovation ecosystem
• Mumford Sole Advisors LLC, offering world class Enterprise Advisory Boards as a Service.

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